About Vienna


"Vienna, Vienna, you alone shall be the city of my dreams...". This old Viennese folk song is mainly about one fact - that Vienna is fantastic, as beautiful as a dream.


Vienna not only is known for the Viennese Waltz, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna Boys Choir, Wiener Schnitzel and St. Stephens Cathedral. Art, culture and the city itself make a unique mix of tradition and modern times.




The tradition of Vienna as a major conference site dates back to the year 1815, when the city hosted the peace talks following the Napoleonic Wars (Congress of Vienna). Since then, Vienna has established itself as a prime international conference location. Vienna is clean, green and safe. Delegates to the IAEE European Conference will feel at ease when discovering the many facets of this metropolis.


Vienna is located in the very heart of Europe - this is of benefit to all participants, who will be able to reach Vienna easily either by plane or train. But not only travelling to Vienna is easy - the Viennese public transport offers good connections and easy accessibility within the whole city. With this service our delegates will also be able to explore Vienna. In Vienna, tradition is not only on exhibit in museums but is a pulsing part of every-day life. Delegates to our meeting as well as accompanying persons will not be bored while exploring the city aside the conference.


For further information on Vienna please check the official website of the Vienna Tourist Board


10th IAEE European Conference

Energy, Policies and Technologies for Sustainable Economies

7 - 10 September 2009